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Leiðarendi cave

A large lava tube close to Reykjavik

Leiðarendi is located at a mere 30 min drive from Reykjavik. This 900 meter long circular lava tube offers unique rock formations such as the splash stalactites and drip stalagmites, ´lava hands´ and shiny shark tooth stalactites that bear witness to the extreme forces of Nature at work inside the tube some two thousand years ago. Depending on thr route chosen, some light hunching and crawling may be required but over all Leiðarendi cave gives an easy access to this cool underworld of the Icelandic lava field that surrounds the Reykjavik area.

The name Leiðarendi means: “The End of the Road”. This refers to the skeletal remains of a lamb that was found inside the cave when first discovered about 20 years ago, having come to its final resting place, reminding us of the importance of reliable light sources.