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Preservation of lava caves in Iceland

Icelandic lava caves have been here for thousands of years. It just takes a second to destroy their beauty and uniqueness.

Entering a pristine cave is a unique experience and that experience is something worth passing on to future generations.
The cave created by molten lava may seem robust with its rough surface but the formations found inside are fragile and can break apart even with the lightest touch of hand.

Most damages are the result of clumsiness or thoughtlessness.

The general rules are the same as for most outdoor people but in addition there are some safety rules that are especially important in caves as an rescue operation in a cave is very likely to cause damages that cannot be repaired.

1. Leave nothing behind

2. Take nothing but pictures

3. Stay on the path chosen by your guide

4. The slow ones decide the speed of the group

5. Stay focused on one activity at the time whether it be walking or looking.